Gynecology & Aesthetic Medicine Practice Located at Randburg Square. We are board-Certified, Female Gynecologists Providing Personalized Abortion Service & Care in Randburg ,one woman at a time.

Abortion pills for sale in Germiston


Abortion Services Germiston The leading provider of abortion services in the South Africa with over 40 abortion clinics and Womens health Centres

We offer Medical Termination of Pregnancy (the Abortion Pill) in South Africa – a safe and effective option for women who are between 2 and 23 weeks pregnant.

Spruitview Dawnpark windmill park alrode jet park witfield reiger park parkrand sunward park dalpark At Women’s Abortion Clinic If you have had a positive pregnancy test and have decided to have an abortion, there are safe and legal options for ending a pregnancy in germiston offer Medical abortion up to the legal limit of 23 weeks and six days (abortion with pills) up to 28 weeks and 6 days of pregnancy.

Read this blog to find out more about medical abortion.

Abortion pills online: at home medical abortion treatment

The routine treatment option up to 28 weeks and 6 days of pregnancy is a medical abortion, sometimes called also “abortion with pills”. The treatment involves taking two types of medicine at two different times

The abortion pills can either be collected by you from a center or posted to your home address after your consultation.

Can I buy abortion pills online?

 it is illegal in Germiston to buy abortion pills online.

How to get in touch

Women’s Abortion Clinic Germiston offers high-quality, confidential  You don’t need to be referred simply call us to arrange for either a telephone or face-to-face consultation on these numbers:

  • Tel 0791653574

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