Women’s Clinic Price List

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Women's Clinic Price list South Africa Fees and Payments

Medical Abortion Price List 

1 week to 4 weeks – R1500 

5 weeks to 8 Weeks – R2000 

9 weeks to 12 Weeks – R2500

13 Weeks to 16 Weeks – R3500

17 Weeks to 18 Weeks – R4200

19 Weeks to 20 Weeks – R5800

20 Weeks to 24 Weeks – R7500

MEDICAL PROCEDURE is A process Where a pill/tablet is used , the amount covers the following Pre-Counseling, Medical Assessment, Ultrasound and the Procedure.

Surgical Abortion Price List

13 Weeks to 16 Weeks – R4500

17 Weeks to 18 Weeks – R5200

19 Weeks to 20 Weeks – R6500

20 Weeks to 24 Weeks – R10000

SURGICAL PROCEDURE is Process where we use a pill/tablet and Machine, the procedure is done in our facilities by Registered Nurse, During Consultation a patient will be given explanation on how the procedure is done.


Follow up covers URINE TEST to check infections, Ultrasound to Confirm if there is no Remaining tissue and Advice on Contraceptives Family Planning.


General Consultation R550

Pelvic Sonar / Abdominal Scan R850

Family Planning R550

General Consultation and Sonar Printout R850

The cost of Medical Termination of Pregnancy (Abortion Pills) ranges between R800 to R2500 For only Abortion Pills and Instructions You do the Whole process at Your Place . Order Now  Delivered Fast to any Address of Your Choice (COD)

Women's Clinic In Dundee is a leading private Abortion care clinic in Dundee serving the needs of women who request an abortion.

Women’s Clinic Prices Women’s Health Clinic Price list and Fees

Women’s Clinic Prices Offers a Private, Patient Centered abortion experience of all Patients. We provide the highest level of Medical Care and an experience focused on the needs of each Patient. 

Women’s Clinic Cost Cares for People with complex medical situations who would otherwise difficulty obtaining Care  

Women’s Clinic Price List Several factors contribute to the total expense a patient has to bear for an abortion in South Africa Treatment city, hospital, diagnostic tests, and consultation charges of the doctor are some of the many factors that are taken into consideration before deciding the total cost of an abortion. Here is a breakdown of abortion costs at Women’s Clinic :

Surgical Abortion Procedure Cost

A surgical abortion is typically a D&E or D&C procedure. That is- dilation and evacuation, or dilation and curettage. Either of the procedure may be employed based on the individual need, medical health, or personal choice. Both are quick and painless procedures and can be performed in under 30 minutes.

The OBGYN surgeon first dilates the cervix through medication/ injection. Once the cervix opens up, the OBGYN aborts the pregnancy by gently vacuuming or curetting the fetus and uterine lining out through the woman’s vaginal passage. Since the procedure ensures complete expulsion right through the procedure, it marks comparatively lesser post-surgery bleeding, and recovery is quicker and easier.

Medical Termination Of Pregnancy (MTP) Prices 

Medical abortion (MTP) is a procedure to end or terminate the pregnancy. It doesn’t involve surgical procedures or the use of anesthesia. Medical abortion can be done either in a doctor’s clinic or at home with follow-up meetings with the doctor.

Medical Termination of Pregnancy, also known as MTP is considered the best procedure to end a pregnancy during the first trimester. In medical abortion, the doctors prescribe two abortion pills known as Mifepristone and Misoprostol to terminate the pregnancy.

The cost of Medical Termination of Pregnancy depends on several factors that may include the following:-

  • Medications
  • Fee of The Doctor
  • Diagnostic Tests
  • Follow-Up Meetings
  • Extra Procedures In Case Of Emergency

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