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Women’s Clinic Rivonia Women’s Health Clinic

Rivonia Women’s Clinic Offers a Private, Patient Centered abortion experience of all Patients. We provide the highest level of Medical Care and an experience focused on the needs of each Patient. 

Rivonia Women’s Clinic Cares for People with complex medical situations who would otherwise difficulty obtaining Care  

Women’s Health Clinic in Rivonia

As a result of gender-related and biological differences, women are at a greater risk of stress and sickness. Despite modernization, there remains a gaping hole in medical care for women, and women’s health is of particular importance here. Thanks to prevalent gender biases and prejudices rooted in gender discrimination, women and children in many parts of the world still struggle to access quality healthcare. Various hospitals worldwide, such as PWC, have come up with state-of-the-art facilities dedicated to women’s health. Consult a general medicine doctor near you to learn more about your body conditions.

Women’s Clinic in Rivonia is a leading private abortion clinic in Rivonia serving the needs of women who request an abortion. 

Women’s Clinic for abortion in Rivonia , Abortion is Performed successfully at an affordable cost by Dr Raymond, The best gynecologist in Rivonia. Women’s Abortion Clinics in Rivonia Price List  The average cost of an abortion Pills in Rivonia  is around R800 in the first trimester, and will greatly increase to R2500 or more in the second trimester. The earlier you are in your pregnancy the less expensive the abortion will be.

It is appropriately said that every child should be a wanted child, however, sometimes a pregnancy may not be wanted. In this case, one may seek an abortion. Abortion is legal, provided it is carried out within the legal permits. An abortion can be done only up to 28 weeks of pregnancy. We believe that every woman should be served with professional excellence and caring Hospitality around all our Abortion Clinics in Rivonia

Women’s Clinic in Rivonia , Our mission at Women’s Health Clinic has been to support women with compassion and expert skill in the field of gynecology and reproductive medicine. We have built our reputation world-wide and receive referrals from doctors hospitals and clinics from not just South Africa, but from all over the world. From the moment that you walk in the door we are here for you! We are open. We are doing Abortions which are an essential medical service. Rest assure that we are taking every precaution we can to ensure that our patients the Best Service.

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Gynecological Services

Women’s Clinic in Rivonia Abortion for Unwanted pregnancy in Rivonia Women’s Health  Clinic In Rivonia Safe Termination Clinic And Pills for sale in Rivonia  .

Women’s Clinic in Rivonia is an Abortion Clinic and Virtual Abortion Provider that offers the abortion Pill, abortion procedure, birth control, and more .Abortion Clinics in Rivonia . Abortion Pill cost in Krugersdorp   Abortion Risk Abortion clinic near me, Abortion Pills for sale at affordable Price Safe abortion Cytotec Pill

Women’s  Clinic In Rivonia Womens Clinic in Rivonia  Womens Clinic Central terms of early abortion, there are two treatment options: medication abortion and aspiration abortion. Medication abortion is an abortion that is performed through the use of medication. Women who choose this method will take the pills to end their pregnancy.

Women’s  Clinic In Rivonia Safe Termination of Pregnancy and womb Cleaning

These medications can be taken at a doctor’s office, the privacy of home or anywhere else where a woman may feel comfortable. Typically, a woman will not need to return to the doctor’s office unless a complication occurs or she has additional questions or concerns. Aspiration abortion requires the use of medical equipment to terminate a pregnancy.

This kind of procedure has to take place at a doctor’s office, and it involves a doctor inserting an instrument into your body through the vagina to remove the pregnancy. While invasive and possibly uncomfortable, this type of abortion can be performed a little later than medication abortions and can be completed in just a few minutes. Useful Links Birth Control

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Online appointments are available via the website or WhatsApp. An appointment conveniently minimizes wait times for our clinic and patients. Please advise us if there are any changes to your appointments as we can serve others in need. For bookings sooner, or amendments, please contact us on +27791653574

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 Abortion Frequently Asked Questions

How can I use sugar to terminate a pregnancy?

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Sugar cannot terminate a pregnancy. It is not wise to try such methods. Mifepristone and Misoprostol are available to terminate a pregnancy and they are effective and safe. By trying to abort with sugar one will waste precious time and delay taking tablets and thereby compromise on the success of the tablets.

Can abortion fail?

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Yes, there is a small chance of the abortion tablets not working and the pregnancy may continue. This is more likely to happen at 4 weeks plus. In South Africa, abortion tablets can be taken only up to 7 weeks, though in some countries they are provided till 9 weeks. Failure is also likely closer to 7 weeks.

Can abortion make you infertile?

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Abortion with tablets does not influence fertility. Abortion tablets do not affect the ovaries and hormones.  Multiple surgical terminations can affect fertility. Pregnancies that are more than 7 weeks need dilatation and suction evacuation. During this procedure, the endometrial lining is denuded. If Dilatation and curettage are done multiple times, then the lining may get damaged and can affect future fertility.

Can abortion cause PCOS?

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No, not at all. PCOS (Polycystic Ovary Syndrome) is a metabolic syndrome and is affected by weight and lifestyle. Patients with PCOS have difficulty in getting pregnant and usually seek help to conceive.

Can abortion cause PTSD (Post Treatment Stress Disorder)?

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Abortions can be very traumatic emotionally to the woman/couple undergoing it. It depends on the reason for which abortion is done. E.g financial constraints, social reasons, abnormal fetus, etc. In these cases, the pregnancy may be very much wanted but circumstances have led to an abortion. The woman may then have depression and other psychological symptoms.

Can abortion cause ectopic pregnancy?

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Surgical abortions, especially in unsterile conditions, can lead to infections. Infections can damage the tubes and therefore increase the risk of ectopic pregnancy. Abortions with tablets are not likely to influence the risk of ectopic pregnancy.

Which abortion method is cheaper?

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The cost of an abortion varies from place to place. Tablets will be cheaper.

Which abortion hurts less?

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Surgical abortions are painless as they are done under anesthesia.

Which abortion method is safer?

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All methods of abortion are safe. The process depends on the size of the pregnancy. Irrespective of the procedure is done keeping all the pre-requisites in mind and by a trained qualified doctor, in a government-approved center which has all the facilities to not only do the abortion but also deal with the complications if any, then the procedure is safe.

Which abortion pills are safe?

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Abortion pills are safe. They must be used only for the purpose they are intended for at the correct gestation and in correct doses. They have to be used with caution in people with any liver or kidney disorders. They should not be used in the case of ectopic pregnancy and molar pregnancy.

Will abortion be painful?

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Abortions with tablets are like a painful period but mild analgesics can be very safe and effective in alleviating the pain. The surgical abortion is under anesthesia and therefore there is no pain. In the immediate post-procedure period mild analgesics can be given to manage the cramps if any.

Will abortion affect health?

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Abortions can affect mental and physical wellbeing. It can be emotionally traumatic for the woman to undergo an abortion. The tablets for abortions have mild side effects that last only for a few hours e.g. nausea, vomiting, and cramps. The surgical procedure is safe but accidents such as profuse bleeding and perforation can happen and thus affect the health of the patient.

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