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Salt Rock Women’s Clinic is a leading private gynaecological care clinic in Salt Rock serving the needs of women who request an abortion. Abortion Clinic In Salt Rock Clinic. Abortion Pill cost, Abortion clinic near me, Abortion Pills for sale at affordable Price Safe abortion Salt Rock  Abortion is the process of terminating a pregnancy voluntarily because of certain circumstances that might occur. These can include undesired pregnancy despite the usage of protection, underage sex and so on. There are generally two methods of abortion and both of their own pros and cons. Abortion can be successfully conducted in one day, so the person getting it does not have to stay overnight in order to get it. Abortion or medical termination of pregnancy is performed successfully at an affordable cost by the best gynaecologist in Salt Rock  South Africa Women's Clinic Johannesburg is a leading private Abortion clinic serving the needs of women who request an Abortion In Sandton Cosmo City Pretoria Central Soweto Alexandra Fourways Diepsloot +27 79 165 3574 Johannesburg Abortion Clinic is a leading private gynaecological care clinic in Johannesburg CBD serving the needs of women who request an abortion. Abortion pill cost , Abortion clinic near me open now Safe abortion, Abortion pills for sale in Johannesburg Central.Braamfontein Doornfontein Rivonia Bryanston  Rosebank Bramley Newtown Daveyton Benoni Carletonville Boksburg Vosloorus Randburg Roodepoort Katlehong Abortion pill cost , Abortion clinic near me open now Safe abortion,Braamfontein Doornfontein Rivonia Bryanston  Rosebank Bramley Newtown Daveyton Benoni Carletonville Boksburg Vosloorus Randburg Roodepoort Katlehong Abortion pill cost , Abortion clinic near me open now Safe abortion,

Abortion for Unwanted pregnancy

Duration of pregnancy The number of days or weeks since the first day of the woman’s last normal menstrual period (LMP) in women with regular cycles. For women with irregular cycles, the gestational age may need to be determined by physical or ultrasound examination. In , abortion (MTP) is permitted up-to 28 weeks of pregnancy. There are two methods by which abortion can be done 1. Medical Abortion -Non-surgical abortion in which medicines are used to induce abortion 2. Surgical Abortion – Use of transcervical procedures for terminating pregnancy, including vacuum aspiration, and dilatation and evacuation (D&E).

Medical Abortion

Advantages of Medical Abortion Avoids surgery. Controlled by the woman and may take place at home. No need for admission to the Hospital. Usually well tolerated by women if properly counselled and motivated. No need to take leave from work, as bleeding can be managed with menstrual pads even while in office or at work. Disadvantages of Medical abortion Takes time (hours to days) to complete abortion, and the timing may not be predictable. Women experience bleeding and cramping, and potentially some other side-effects (nausea, vomiting, fever, and shivering). May require more clinic visits than surgical abortion. Method of Medical Abortion Mifepristone (200 mg) is always administered orally at first visit.Then Misoprostol (4 tablets = 800mcg) administered by different routes, including oral, vaginal, buccal and sublingual. Vaginal route is preferred as chances of success is much higher and lowest rate of side effects; as compared to other routes. For women having medical abortion, routine use of prophylactic antibiotics is not recommended. When to seek medical attention during medical abortion 1. Prolonged or heavy bleeding (soaking more than two large pads per hour for two consecutive hours); 2. Fever lasting more than 24 hours; 3. Feeling generally unwell more than 24 hours after misoprostol administration.

Surgical abortion

It can be performed upto 12 weeks of pregnancy either by Vacuum aspiration or by Dilatation and evacuation (D&E). Advantages of Surgical Abortion Quick procedure. Complete abortion easily verified by evaluation of aspirated products of conception. Takes place At the clinic so Sterilisation or placement of an intrauterine device (IUD) may be performed at the same time as the procedure. It can be performed under local anaesthesia if woman is properly motivated and counselled. Disadvantages of Surgical abortion Requires instrumentation of the uterus. Small risk of uterine or cervical injury. Timing of abortion controlled by the Doctor and Clinic . Anaesthesia we needs to be administered. Most doctors perform this procedure under short general anaesthesia. Woman needs to be at the clinic for at least 6 hours. Effect of sedation will be there through out the day. All women having surgical abortion, regardless of their risk of pelvic inflammatory infection, should receive appropriate prophylactic antibiotics

Choice between Medical Abortion and Surgical Abortion

  • If pregnancy is <= 7 weeks; medical Method with Mifepristone with misoprostol is favorable as success rate is as high as 97%.
  • If pregnancy is between 7-12 weeks; surgical abortion is the only option.
  • If pregnancy is beyond 12 weeks – 20 weeks, then woman will be given either Mifepristone followed by Misoprostol tablet or only misoprostol tablets and woman will then abort like a miscarriage
  • Surgical abortion is preferred if patient desires concurrent tubal ligation or IUCD (CuT) insertion.
  • If a woman fulfills the criteria for selecting either method i.e. (Before 7 weeks), final choice to be given to the woman.

Summary of Choice between Medical abortion and Surgical abortion in  South Africa

<= 7 weeks – Medical method or Surgical method 7-12 weeks – Surgical abortion 12 – 20 weeks – Medicines with or without surgical procedure

Laboratory and other investigations

The following tests, when available, may be performed on the basis of individual risk factors, findings on physical examination, and available resources: 1. pregnancy test if pregnancy is unconfirmed; 2. Ultrasound, if indicated, to confirm pregnancy dating or the location of the pregnancy.

Side-effects and complications

Pain, Bleeding, Fever, Nausea and vomiting, Diarrhoea, Pelvic infection

Follow-up care

  • Medical Abortion – There is no medical need for a mandatory routine follow-up. Women should be able to have a follow-up visit if they desire. If a follow-up visit is scheduled, it should be between 7 and 14 days.
  • The use of clinical signs and symptoms with bimanual examination, human chorionic gonadotrophin (hCG) levels or ultrasonography (if available) can confirm abortion completion.
  • If a woman reports ongoing symptoms of pregnancy and/or has only minimal bleeding or persistent bleeding after 14 days or excessive bleeding after taking the abortifacient medications it is better completed by surgical method

Abortion clinic In Womens Clinic   Womens Clinic Safe Termination Clinic And Pills for sale

Abortion Clinic in  Womens Clinic in Womens Clinic Central terms of early abortion, there are two treatment options: medication abortion and aspiration abortion. Medication abortion is an abortion that is performed through the use of medication. Women who choose this method will take the pills to end their pregnancy.

 Abortion Clinic  Safe Termination of Pregnancy and womb Cleaning

These medications can be taken at a doctor’s office, the privacy of home or anywhere else where a woman may feel comfortable. Typically, a woman will not need to return to the doctor’s office unless a complication occurs or she has additional questions or concerns. Aspiration abortion requires the use of medical equipment to terminate a pregnancy. This kind of procedure has to take place at a doctor’s office, and it involves a doctor inserting an instrument into your body through the vagina to remove the pregnancy. While invasive and possibly uncomfortable, this type of abortion can be performed a little later than medication abortions and can be completed in just a few minutes. Useful Links Safe Abortion Pills for sale at women’s clinic 

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