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Abortion Pills for sale in Soweto

Abortion Pills for sale in Soweto Abortion Services Soweto The leading provider of abortion services in Soweto Termination pills in Soweto


Abortion Services Soweto The leading provider of abortion services in the South Africa with over 40 abortion clinics and Womens health Centres

We offer Medical Termination of Pregnancy (the Abortion Pill) in South Africa – a safe and effective option for women who are between 2 and 23 weeks pregnant.

If you have had a positive pregnancy test and have decided to have an abortion, there are safe and legal options for ending a pregnancy in Soweto.

At Women’s Abortion Clinic Soweto offer Medical abortion up to the legal limit of 23 weeks and six days (abortion with pills) up to 28 weeks and 6 days of pregnancy.

Read this blog to find out more about medical abortion.



Medication abortion is commonly called “abortion by pill” or medical abortion and is offered at the Women’s Clinic up to 11 weeks of pregnancy. At our clinics, your provider will give you a pill to swallow in the office and a set of additional medications to use at home under your provider’s direction.
When you choose abortion by pill you have more flexibility with the time and place that you have your abortion. You are not required to be in our center during your abortion, but you always have the opportunity to speak to our professional staff by phone. We will partner with you during your first appointment to make sure you understand how to safely use the medications.
Abortion by pill is a great option for people that are less than 10 weeks in pregnancy and want to control the experience due to lifestyle, work schedule, or desire. How you choose to have an abortion is a private and personal decision, the medication abortion helps to provide you with an option that is safe and reliable.


In general, abortion by pill works by taking two medications: Mifeprex and misoprostol (also called Cytotec). At our centers, the Mifeprex is taken on the day of the appointment followed by the misoprostol which is taken at home 24 to 48hours later. Some people say that the procedure is very much like a heavy period while others describe the bleeding and cramping as much more intense. In almost all cases, the bleeding and cramping occur after the misoprostol is taken at home. Please keep in mind that everyone responds to the abortion by pill differently and the time it takes to complete the abortion can vary from person to person. We ask all patients to return for a follow-up exam that will include an ultrasound to confirm a safe and successful procedure.

Can I buy abortion pills online?

 it is illegal in the Johannesburg Central Pretoria CBD to buy abortion pills online.


Before your Procedure

When you arrive at The Women’s Clinic for your abortion, you will be treated with compassion and respect while receiving the highest quality, individualized medical care. Your service will include a series of pre-procedure assessments with medical staff and patient advocates.
You will receive the following care as we prepare you for your abortion procedure:

  • Ultrasound – to determine the gestational age of the pregnancy
  • Lab testing – to determine RH blood type, hemoglobin level, and vital signs
  • History and Physical – to review your medical history, current physical state, and birth control options
  • Support and Education – to address your questions, concerns, and what to expect afterwards

At our Clinics, abortion procedures in the first trimester are generally performed within the first twelve weeks of pregnancy and are completed by a procedure known as dilation and evacuation (D&E). The procedure will take approximately 5 minutes, although your entire visit to the Center may take several hours (including wait time), to safely work with your unique body.
The procedure can be performed with either local or intravenous (IV) sedation. Most patients call local anesthesia “awake” and IV sedation, “asleep.” It is not uncommon for patients to choose to be “awake” for an abortion in the first trimester. If you choose local anesthesia you will be awake and conscious during your procedure. The medication will lessen your pain but you will still experience cramping and discomfort during the procedure. You will be able to leave the Center by yourself if you choose local anesthesia because you will be alert.
If you choose IV sedation you will get medications through an IV that will reduce anxiety and pain and cause a depression of consciousness. Choosing IV sedation means that you need to bring an escort who will register with you at the start of your appointment and assume responsibility for your safe delivery home after receiving the IV medications. IV sedation and local anesthesia are both intended to minimize discomfort but may not entirely eliminate pain or awareness of the procedure.


At our women’s clinics, abortion by pill is offered in the first trimester until 10 weeks of pregnancy. The appointment at our women’s clinic will take a few hours so that we can give you personalized care and partner with you to understand how to use the medications and how to contact us if necessary. In order to manage your pain, we can give you a prescription for pain reliever.


At our women’s clinic, abortion procedures in the second trimester are generally performed between 12 and 24.6 weeks of pregnancy. Not all of our Clinicss offer abortion through 24 weeks, so please confirm with a patient advocate when you call to make your appointment.
During a second trimester procedure, your cervix needs to be dilated (opened) prior to the actual abortion procedure. Depending on your stage in pregnancy and your unique health history, this dilation may take anywhere from an hour up to overnight before your procedure. Most patients who are 17 weeks thru 24 weeks of pregnancy will require a two-day procedure.
Our compassionate staff will make sure your instructions are clear so that you understand how long you will be in our Clinic receiving care, and if you may need that extra day.
Anesthesia in the second trimester is done through IV sedation. IV sedation medications will reduce anxiety and pain and causes a depression of consciousness. Because these medications will make you drowsy and not alert, you are required to bring an escort who will register with you at the start of your appointment and assume responsibility for your safe delivery home after receiving the IV medications.

Abortion pills online: at home medical abortion treatment

The routine treatment option up to 28 weeks and 6 days of pregnancy is a medical abortion, sometimes called also “abortion with pills”. The treatment involves taking two types of medicine at two different times

The abortion pills can either be collected by you from a center or posted to your home address after your consultation.

Can I buy abortion pills online?

 it is illegal in Soweto to buy abortion pills online.

How to get in touch

Women’s Abortion Clinic Soweto offers high-quality, confidential  You don’t need to be referred simply call us to arrange for either a telephone or face-to-face consultation on these numbers:

  • Tel 0791653574

If you are not ready to make a phone call, or if you worried about your privacy, you can get in touch with our service advisors via webchat, Monday to Friday, 8AM to 4PM.

You can also contact us via Facebook Messenger.

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